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Parish Nurse's Corner
A word from our Parish Nurse.

Pastor’s Corner:

As I write this, I am sitting up late at night- thanks to our new son, Zachary Taylor Blacksher.  Kristen and I don’t mind the interruptions in our sleep from time to time because we’re proud new parents.  There certainly are times that he is frustrating and difficult to understand.  There are sounds and smells that he makes that I did not know a human being was capable of making.  But there are other times (the majority of the time) when it is fun to watch him make faces, talk to him, and watch him sleep.  When I hold Zachary, I can’t help but think about the hopes and dreams I have for his life.

I believe that God looks at our church in much the same way.  First Church is a collection of some of God’s children whom God dearly loves.  I believe that God has dreams in store for our church that are greater than you or I could ever imagine.  And I don’t know about you, but I want to be living into God’s future plan for our church more than any other future that we could manufacture. 

Just like some people seem to follow God’s leading better than others, there are some churches that seem to understand and live into God’s plan for them better than others.  Over the month of September I’ll be preaching a sermon series about what it means to be an “exciting church.”  An exciting church is one that seems to understand God’s dreams for them.  An exciting church is a visible, active, and integral part of the community around it.  An exciting church does an exceedingly excellent job of making disciples of Jesus Christ.  Throughout the sermon series I will be inviting you to dream with me what God’s dreams for our church might be, and I’ll be sharing with you a vision of where I believe God may be calling us to go as well.  I hope you’re excited, as I am very excited to share with you and hear from you as we move forward.

Yours In Christ,

Pastor Andy

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If you’ve been in the vestibule outside of fellowship hall, you may have noticed the shiny new freezer there. This freezer was purchased with grant money from the Jefferson Memorial Community Fund.  Last spring, a call went out to community service organizations for grant proposals for items or services which would benefit our community. The 1st UMC Food Pantry submitted such a proposal for a freezer in order to make use of frozen foods obtained through Operation Food Search donations.  We receive fourteen large donations a year, but must accept whatever they have to give. This has meant taking frozen foods which have strained our storage space. In fact, we have been using the church kitchen freezer and the small freezer in fellowship hall for this purpose. If that space was already taken, the donated food had to be passed on to other pantries in the area.  While we don’t mind sharing what we have, this left our own clients without this commodity.  We now can store our gift food and allow the church to have its own freezer space without any hard decisions or feelings on any part. Please, be assured that no money donated by church members for the purchase of food for our clients has been used for the buying of our new appliance.  We thank all of you for your ongoing support, and we invite you all to come look at our new freezer

Yours in Christ,

  Anne Wells



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