Parish Nurse's Corner
A word from our Parish Nurse.

The Chancel Choir


The Eighty Eighth Annual

Christmas Candlelight Concert

December 22, 2013—4:00 pm.

Reception following


Pastor’s Corner:

 “Just as I am without one flea.” This from the old time preacher’s story book. This is the answer to a supposed question from a parent on grandparent about what a little boy heard at church. He originally replied, “We heard about a dog.” The questioning party replied, “When did you hear about a dog in church?”. “In the song”, The little boy replied,  “You know the song”,  Just as I am.

The wonder of children is what Jesus said our faith should look like. He in fact said that is what we should grow towards is the faith of a child. Jesus went further and taught that unless we did this we would not enter the Kingdom of God (Mt 18: 1-4).

Jesus moved on to talk about humbleness as our most endearing quality for entering the Kingdom of God. This Lent let us humble ourselves before God that we might truly be God’s children.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Gary Grey



Monsanto Company is sponsoring a contest for non-profit entities to have a chance to win $20,000. Each organization submits a description of how they plan to help the greater St. Louis region grow. First UMC has submitted and entry. There are a total of five prizes of $20,000 each. The  organization that receives the most votes wins one of the prizes. Voting begins on May 6 and ends on May 19. Voting can be done online via Facebook. Add Grow St. Louis, to your Facebook voting period. Voting can also be done by mail by going to and downloading the program rules and official ballot. It will take everyone in the church along with your relatives, friends, neighbors, and co-workers to help us by voting each day for us to have a chance to win one of the prizes. If we should win, it would greatly assist some of the needs in the church.   

John Blocher


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  I think that most of our church members know that there are some women who meet on Tuesday mornings and serve our community’s less fortunate by giving out food. We all seem to know that the food comes to us through the generous donations of this congregation. However, other than the workers involved, I don’t think that many are aware of the roll that others play.  The United Methodist Men’s Tuesday morning coffee group has been a very helpful resource.  Fourteen times each year, our food pantry is allowed to pick up food from Operation Food Search located in Earth City. It is these gentlemen who hitch the trailer to the church van and leave early enough to be there by the time OFS opens to distribute.  They load up on donated food and personal and cleaning items, most of which are packed in large, heavy cartons.  When they get back to the church, they unload all of this and often stay around to do heavy lifting for the ladies who are there to put the donations away.  One of those men picks up fresh vegetables early Tuesday morning from Ozark Food Pantry when they have more than they can use.  Our food pantry volunteers would like these men to know how much we appreciate their answer to Jesus’ call to feed the hungry.  God bless each and every one of them, and God bless each of you.

Yours in Christ,

Anne Wells



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